Yieldstreet Portfolio Snapshot: Q4 2021

January 28, 20223 min read
Yieldstreet Portfolio Snapshot: Q4 2021
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Yieldstreet’s mission is to provide investors access to private market alternative investments. Yieldstreet’s platform offers a curated selection of investment opportunities that were previously only available to institutions and the ultra-wealthy.

Yieldstreet’s 20+ investment professionals analyze and partner with industry-leading specialists to assess and perform due diligence on every investment offered with the goal of minimizing the likelihood that an offering on the platform will fall short of its initial expectations.

To date, Yieldstreet’s net realized annualized returns (IRR) are 10.6%3. We are passionate about our mission and believe that transparency is crucial to developing long-lasting relationships with our investors. Below is our quarterly portfolio snapshot that provides insight into the current and historical portfolio on Yieldstreet. In addition, please refer to our Statistics page for additional context and historical performance.

Portfolio Snapshot & Trends

Since its inception, Yieldstreet has prided itself on giving investors access to alternative investments. While the mission throughout the last 7 years has been consistent, the makeup of the types of offerings available to investors has changed. 

Overall Portfolio Diversification:

Disclaimer: This represents the overall portfolio on the Yieldstreet’s platform. Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.

As a platform providing unique access to private markets, we’ve always offered a diversity of unique investment opportunities. In 2021, we took additional steps to continually innovate and give you access to private markets and opportunities beyond the stock market with the launch of:

And the development of equity offerings on the platform, particularly in real estate:

  • At the end of 2020, equity investments made up ~6% of the portfolio.
  • At the end of 2021, equity investments made up ~23% of the portfolio.
  • Within the real estate equity portfolio:
    • 87% is invested in Multi-Family properties
    • 13% is invested in Industrial properties

Learn more about our due diligence process

For additional information, market commentary, and perspective, please check out our blog

Previous portfolio snapshot: Q3 2021

All data presented in this communication is dated as of December 31, 2021. Please note any leverage used is not included in the Asset Class by Dollars Invested data. For additional questions, please contact us at [email protected] 

1 Default refers to investment offerings where a formal event of default on the underlying loan has been declared.

2 Marine Default refers to the outstanding defaulted investment offerings that were originated by GMTC. Yieldstreet continues to press forward on its pursuit to collect on the $85M final judgment entered by the High Court of England in favor of the YS SPV against the Borrowers through several multi-jurisdictional and multi-pronged recovery strategies. These recovery strategies  include, but are not limited to:  enforcement of the High Court judgment in U.K. to pursue the Guarantor’s real property; global asset tracing; litigation against the originator; and pursuit of a Mortgagees Interest Insurance Claim covering the underlying vessels.

3 The internal rate of return (“IRR”) represents an average net realized IRR with respect to all matured investments weighted by the investment size of each individual investment, made by private investment vehicles managed by YieldStreet Management, LLC from July 1, 2015 through and including Dec 31st, 2021, after deduction of management fees and all other expenses charged to investments.

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