Yieldstreet To Launch Venture Capital Platform Giving Investors More Alternative Investment Opportunities

October 7, 20212 min read
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Venture capital investing offers exposure to private companies during their historically fastest growth periods and greatest potential to generate returns

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Yieldstreet, a leading digital alternative investment platform driven to help millions of people claim financial independence by unlocking access to previously unattainable investments, today launches a new venture capital focused platform, with plans to ramp up available offerings over the coming months. Retail investors can now gain exposure to private companies disrupting existing sectors or creating entirely new ones. Typically, during this private stage, companies see fast growth as their products and technology commercialize and allow for scale.

“Expanding asset classes available on Yieldstreet is yet another advance that we are making to break the exclusive grip that the ultra-wealthy and institutions have as wealth-creation strategies,” said Michael Weisz, Founder and President of Yieldstreet. “Times are changing. They no longer have a lock on harder to access markets such as venture capital. With technology, education and the access that Yieldstreet provides, retail investors have another option to generate new sources of returns outside of public markets, in this case, through venture capital.”

Trends in the financial industry reflect investors’ increasing awareness and desire for alternative investments. In September, an SEC panel, the Asset Management Advisory Committee, unanimously voted that the SEC should support making it easier for retail investors to access private funds. Returns on venture capital in 2020 were more than 50% and have averaged 32% over the past 25 calendar years1. Returns are expected to continue to be an attractive investment option with the pandemic accelerating innovation and people’s reliance on technology and tech-enabled services. Global venture funding exceeded $300 billion in 20202 and through the first half of 2021 global venture funding has already reached $288 billion, suggesting even further momentum3.

“We’re excited that Yieldstreet is offering its members access to venture capital investing. As a leading venture capital and private markets investment manager, we’re encouraged by the expanding access to what we believe is an important sector,” said Jim Lim, Partner at StepStone Group, one of the largest global private markets investment firms with over $109 billion in assets under management as of June 30, 2021, $24 billion of which comprise venture capital and growth equity assets. StepStone Group, which recently acquired leading venture capital platform Greenspring Associates, manages several venture capital fund-of-funds, later stage direct investment funds, secondary funds, diversified growth funds, and several customized strategies.

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