Let money fuel your life, not dictate it

We give you access to investments with typically low stock market correlation.

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Why invest with Yieldstreet?

  • Access to innovative income-generating products
  • Investments with typically low stock market correlation
  • Ability to invest in assets backed by collateral
  • Short duration (6 months to 5 years)

Explore the full potential of your money

With our income-generating products, you can push your ambitions forward.

Step 1:

Join our community of investors and explore educational resources

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Individual offerings

Step 3:

Start generating passive income

Discover how far your money will take you

Regardless of where you start, we provide you with the tools needed to generate financial momentum—helping you reach your next level faster.

  • Yieldstreet Wallet

  • Yieldstreet IRA

  • Individual offerings

  • Yieldstreet funds

  • Reach your next level

Yieldstreet Wallet
Yieldstreet IRA
investing in individual offerings
investing in Yieldstreet funds
invest to realize your next level

Yieldstreet Wallet

Your Wallet acts as a flexible savings account and allows you to invest more quickly.
  • FDIC insured

Yieldstreet IRA

As an investor-first company, we ensure that you’re leveraging all of the tools available to you.
  • Tax-efficient
  • Optimize your retirement accounts

Individual offerings

Invest across a variety of institutional quality assets like Real Estate, Marine, Art, and Litigation.
  • Rolling maturities
  • Low stock market correlation

YieldStreet funds

Make one allocation spread across multiple classes and sectors, allowing you to immediately diversify your portfolio.
  • Reinvest your dividends
  • Immediate portfolio acceleration

Reach your next level

With Yieldstreet as your partner, you’re generating passive income to help fund your dreams. Whether your ambitions are large or small, we accelerate your timeline.

Move with momentum

Our relationship with money is rapidly changing. You need investments that work dynamically—helping you fuel your life today, not as a static asset for a distant future.

Our products are designed to generate income you can put to work immediately, paying for monthly expenses and bringing you closer to your dreams.

Risk mitigation is at our core. All investing comes with risk, strict risk management for your capital is at the heart of what we do.

Join Yieldstreet today and realize your next level.