How the Yieldstreet platform works

Our streamlined platform combines the best of potential returns with the best of tech. Discover why investors choose Yieldstreet.

Our innovative approach

Yieldstreet unlocks access to private markets

The art of private investing is what we do. Before Yieldstreet, unnecessary barriers prevented most investors from accessing private markets.

We've knocked the barriers down and have streamlined the investment process for quick and easy use.

Vetted opportunities

We analyze billions of dollars worth of deals on your behalf

Since inception we've reviewed over $34B in deal volume and closed over $3.1B.

Close rate by $ value of deals since inception: 9.29%

Please note closed deal flow here does not include Short Term Notes or Prism platform prefundings. As of April 4, 2022.
Our process

From the market to your portfolio, here's how it all happens

Only a handful of opportunities ever make it onto our platform. Discover the steps an offering must go through to reach Yieldstreet investors and what happens once it’s part of your portfolio.


Offerings are passed through a rigourous screening process

Yieldstreet develops partnerships with originators through a stringent screening process. The Yieldstreet investment process takes a long-term view, looking for partners whom Yieldstreet and our investors can grow with beyond any given opportunity.

Due diligence
Due diligence

Next up: Yieldstreet’s internal due diligence review

The investment team conducts their review and analysis of the investment opportunity, and if the team is comfortable with the opportunity, it will then go through the investment committees.

During committee review, experienced investment professionals unassociated with the opportunity provide a fresh perspective and challenge the investment team’s thesis hoping to identify any potential risks.


Investors decide based on the needs of their portfolio

Once an investment opportunity has made it to the Yieldstreet platform, it still is subject to what we consider the most important vetting stage: our investors’ own decisions.

Yieldstreet is ultimately all about empowering investors to exercise their own judgment, based on their own investment philosophies, and educated by the great wealth of information available to all of us.

Just because we are comfortable offering a deal on the platform does not mean it is the right deal for any particular investor.

Open offerings

Charlotte Multi-Family Equity I




Real Estate

Min. investment


Portland Multi-Family Financing




Real Estate

Min. investment


Growth & Income REIT




Real Estate

Min. investment



Track and monitor your alternative portfolio

Typically, prior to the end of an investment's term, performance will be reported to investors along the way.

For debt investments, interest payments are often paid out on a monthly or quarterly basis and for certain equity deals, income payments may also be made.

Behind the scenes, Yieldstreet’s Portfolio & Risk Management Team constantly monitors the investments and identifies any performance that has changed from initial underwriting.

Repayment and maturity
Repayment and maturity

Get more returns on your returns

Whether a debt deal is maturing and the borrower is paying back principal or a commercial real estate property was just sold for a gain, after a successful investment your original principal and any associated gains will be returned to your Yieldstreet Wallet.

But, don’t let your money stay idle. One of the most important aspects to outperforming public markets is to keep your money invested and not to let it sit in cash.

Consider investing in your next opportunity on Yieldstreet.

Portfolio experience

Track performance over time

Our app gives your the comfort of monitoring your portfolio and performance whenever and wherever you are.

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