Don’t settle for less

Invest in Yieldstreet's Short Term Notes, with minimums as low as $1k.

Don’t settle for less

Invest in Yieldstreet's Short Term Notes, with minimums as low as $1k.

Open to accredited investors only

The most common definition of accredited investor is someone who makes $200k a year, $300k jointly with their spouse, or has $1m in net worth apart from their primary residence.

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Calculate the interest you can earn on your investment and visualize how you can receive payments as an investor.

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Get interest rates higher than most CDs

Invest in Short Term Notes to earn interest at a rate typically higher than what most CDs currently offer.

Short Term Note
Series XXV

4% annualized interest rate

6-month CD

0.25% APY

6-month CD

0.40% APY

6-month CD

0.25% APY

6-month CD

0.24% APY

  • 6-month CD

    0.25% APY

    6-month CD

    0.40% APY

Source of comparative rates is Bankrate as of 11/12/2020.

Your frequently asked questions, answered.

How often do Short Term Notes make interest payments?

Short Term Notes make monthly interest payments at the annualized target rate. Principal is repaid at the note’s maturity.

Target returns are not contingent on the number of deals funded via Short Term Notes, as the notes are required to pay investors their interest regardless of utilization.

What is my Short Term Notes investment backed by?

Short Term Notes carry the risk that an investment opportunity financed by Short Term Notes could default before it becomes fully subscribed. In such a scenario, Yieldstreet would work to recover the cash invested in the underlying investment. As with other investment opportunities, some investments that are financed via Short Term Notes may have senior lenders who would receive first payment in case of default.

However, to help protect Short Term Note investors, Yieldstreet generally holds a percentage of the notes issued in each series in a first loss position. This product is not offered by a bank and as such it is not FDIC insured.

What are Short Term Notes?

Short Term Notes offer investors the opportunity to earn interest typically over a 180-day term. Investors receive monthly interest payments at an annualized target interest rate and their principal at the note’s maturity.

Short Term Notes have been offered on our platform since May 2019, offering investors an opportunity to participate with banks and other financial institutions in a pool of liquidity used by Yieldstreet to fund investment opportunities. As of August 2021, we have launched 33 series of notes, with 25 series paid in full and the remaining currently performing as expected.

Short Term Notes on Yieldstreet


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Make Short Term Notes the beginning of your Yieldstreet investment journey

  • No fees or expenses charged

    Invest in a fee-free product

  • Short durations

    Access liquidity after maximum term of 180 days

  • No promotional rates

    Interest rate remains consistent for full duration

  • Rolling maturities

    Invest multiple times to build an optimized earnings strategy

Start earning today with a $1k minimum investment