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We are committed to transparency at Yieldstreet. Our platform statistics offer a deeper look at our historical performance since inception.

Data last updated on: 10/1/2021

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Investor statistics

Our platform offers all Yieldstreet members across the nation an opportunity to build wealth with alternative investments. By having an investor-first mentality, we've achieved tangible results for our growing community.

Member statistics


Number of members


Total interest & principal returned to investors


Total interest earned by investors


Average number of investments per investor

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Offering performance

Through the years we've launched offerings across multiple alternative asset classes. By partnering with experienced loan originators, we've continued to expand our investor community and offer our investors a range of options to generate income.

Net IRR to date


Total invested




Loans outstanding by asset class
Principal returned by loan originator
Maturity by asset class
Platform summary by asset class

Since inception, over $2.0B has been invested on Yieldstreet