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We are committed to transparency at Yieldstreet. Our platform statistics offer a deeper look at our historical performance since inception.

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'Total invested9


net annualized return (irr)6,9


investor returns*,9


* Total interest & principal returned to investors
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Since inception, we have unlocked more than 400 private market opportunities for investors.

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Modified Outlook3.4%

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Yieldstreet offers more alternative asset classes than any other platform.

Net annualized return
Payment history
Payment history

Past performance is not indicative of future results. The net annualized return represents an average net realized IRR with respect to all matured investments weighted by the investment size of each individual investment, made by the private investment vehicles in the specified asset class managed by YieldStreet Management, LLC from July 1, 2015 through and including the latest month end, after deduction of management fees and all other expenses charged to investments. Payment history represents the total interest and principal returned to investors during this time period in the specified asset class category.

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Individual offering performance

Monitor returns across the lifecycle of your investments through regular performance updates.

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Our members rate us as one of the best investing platforms in the game.

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