Discover the Yieldstreet IRA

• Diversify your retirement portfolio with alternatives.

• Invest on Yieldstreet as quickly as 7 days after opening your account.1

• Competitors charge per-transaction fees. We don’t.

Benefits of a Yieldstreet IRA

Surprise-free pricing

IRAs typically charge fees for making alternative investments, contributing to your account, and/or taking distributions. We have an annual flat-rate account fee, and that’s it.

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2021 Yieldstreet IRA pricing

Account balance $0 to $100,000


Account balance $100,001 and above


This fee is charged annually, prorated, and in arrears in December. Ex. A client who opened their YSIRA on July 1 with $100,000 will be charged $199.50. The value is determined by the cumulative deposits to the account on the last day of the year.;

IRAs we support

Traditional IRA

Our most popular option. With a Traditional IRA you pay taxes when you begin taking Required Minimum Distributions. This type of IRA is usually best for those whose tax rates will decrease over time.

Roth IRA

With Roth IRAs, you pay taxes upfront. This account type is the typically the best option for investors who believe their tax rates will increase over time. You pay taxes now, not later.


Already have checkbook control with another IRA or want to rollover your 401K? We can help you convert these accounts to a Yieldstreet IRA.

Yieldstreet is one of the first companies of its kind that allows you to:

• Make alternative investments without a long approval process

• Automatic deposit of interest and return of principal to an interest-bearing account

• Open, fund, and invest with an IRA on one platform

• Easy electronic transfer of funds from an outside IRA