Unlock your private market recommendations. Invest with confidence.

Step into private markets with investment recommendations tailored to your preferences.

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How it works

Take the smart approach to alternatives.

Confidently allocate to private markets with recommendations from our proprietary algorithm.


Tell us about yourself

We start by understanding your preferences, such as time horizon, risk tolerance and investment style.


Receive recommendations

Based on your answers, our algorithm recommends offerings that our team of investment professionals has vetted.


Confirm and invest

After exploring your recommendations, allocate funding and invest with ease.

Due Diligence

Investments reviewed and analyzed by a team of seasoned professionals.

Yieldstreet’s investment team partners with industry-leading specialists to assess and provide due diligence for every investment offered.

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Get the recommended 15%-30% exposure to alternative investments.

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Your frequently asked questions, answered.

Is there a fee for this service?

Keeping with our mission to make private markets accessible, this service is complimentary.

How does the recommendation algorithm work?

Our investment teams have developed a classification system that we use to track each available investment. After understanding your preferences through a series of questions, our algorithm matches your profile with investments based on their classification.

Read more about how recommendations works.

Is there a minimum investment to access Yieldstreet Recommendations?

There is not a minimum to view your Recommendations. While you can start investing on Yieldstreet for as little as $10,000, many opportunities have minimums between $10,000 and $20,000 to maximize potential returns.