Product launch: Get private market investment recommendations

August 21, 20222 min read
Product launch: Get private market investment recommendations
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In just a few minutes, our new service delivers a collection of vetted private market investments tailored to your preferences.

We often hear from investors who are looking to diversify their portfolio with alternatives, but are not sure where to invest. How do you pick which investments are right for you? 

Starting today, you can allocate to private markets with the help of investment recommendations — Yieldstreet’s latest innovation in the fintech space. 

“We are unlocking a powerful tool for investors who are interested in private markets, but are looking for recommendations to find opportunities aligned to their objectives,” Yieldstreet Founder and CEO Milind Mehere said.

Here’s how it works

  1. You start by answering a short questionnaire about your investment preferences. 
  2. From there, our engine analyzes all available opportunities on platform and recommends a selection of alternative investments. 
  3. Review your recommendations and invest in the offerings you choose. 

Recommendations will span alternative asset classes, including real estate, private equity, venture capital, private credit, crypto and art (depending on current availability). Investments are selected based upon a range of goals, such as time horizon, risk tolerance and investment style. 

“With more than 400 offerings launched to date, this service makes it possible to easily find relevant opportunities and invest with confidence,” Yieldstreet Founder and President Michael Weisz said.  

The service leverages a custom classification system developed by Yieldstreet’s team of investment professionals. Taking into account qualitative and quantitative factors, each investment is categorized so you are only matched with the most relevant offerings. 

Learn more about our classification system and how this service works

Since our inception in 2015, Yieldstreet has been at the forefront of helping individuals and families modernize their portfolios with alternatives. This service is our latest strategy to further democratize access to this valuable asset class. 

Unlock your private market recommendations now.

Recommendations are individual offerings, and the service is not currently designed to create a diversified or balanced private markets portfolio.