An inside look at investment recommendations from Yieldstreet

August 20, 20222 min read
An inside look at investment recommendations from Yieldstreet
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Investing in private market alternatives is now easier than ever with the help of recommendations from Yieldstreet. 

Leveraging a custom classification system developed by our team of professionals and a proprietary algorithm, the service matches investors with a curated mix of offerings. From there, you can allocate capital and invest in multiple opportunities with ease. 

To give context to your recommended investments, here is a breakdown of how the service works behind the scenes.  

How it works 

1. We analyze billions of dollars’ worth of deals 

Before an offering makes it onto the Yieldstreet platform and becomes a potential recommendation, it must undergo a stringent multi-step vetting process designed to holistically review the opportunity from various risk lenses. Less than 10% of all opportunities presented to Yieldstreet make it past this first step and onto the platform.1 

2. Each available opportunity is classified by our investment professionals

To deliver the most dynamic recommendations possible, we categorize each investment available by the following attributes: 

  • Eligibility criteria
  • Risk tolerance 
  • Time horizon 
  • Investment style 

In particular, our investment team developed a custom risk classification system to benchmark each opportunity based upon a range of factors. As new opportunities become available, a risk rating review will become part of our standing investment committee analysis.

3. You set your recommendations preferences 

After the first two steps take place behind the scenes, investors complete a short questionnaire to help our algorithm understand your preferences. Answering the questions takes just 2-3 minutes and your responses are saved for the future. You can return at any time to change your preferences from your Yieldstreet investment preferences page. 

4. We analyze all available platform offerings and curate the top matches

Our algorithm reviews your response and loops through all currently available opportunities on Yieldstreet. From there, we deliver a collection of investments that best match your preferences.

5. Review your recommendations, allocate capital and invest 

Now the power is in your hands to tap into each offering to learn more. If you would like to move forward with one or more investments, confirm or revise the default funding allocated to the offering. If you would not like to move forward with one or more investments, hit the remove button. 

Once satisfied with your allocation(s), this service makes it possible to invest in multiple offerings at once. 

Rise above Volatility

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