Yieldstreet launches “Private Market Investing 101, with Kal Penn” campaign

August 4, 20222 min read
Yieldstreet launches “Private Market Investing 101, with Kal Penn” campaign
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Say hello to Kal Penn — and older Kal Penn, the stars of the nationwide campaign Yieldstreet is launching on the benefits of adding private market exposure to your portfolio. Penn, an actor and former White House staff member, teamed up with Yieldstreet to help more investors than ever evolve their portfolio by including alternative assets. 

In the commercials, Penn gets a visit from a future version of himself, who discusses stock market performance and volatility — in one of them, a rollercoaster is used as a proxy for wild market moves. The discovery of Yieldstreet allows him to diversify his portfolio, and reach peace of mind. 

The three-video series breaks down alternative asset classes, explores why you should consider investing, and shares how to get started. The core message is that investing is part of life and diversifying does not have to be complicated. 

This is the first major celebrity campaign created by a private market platform. After an extensive search, Penn, an investor himself, was seen by Yieldstreet to be a natural fit. And he delivered. 

“Private Market Investing 101” furthers Yieldstreet’s mission of making alternatives accessible to an ever larger community of investors by widening the audience to the largest one to date. The campaign will begin running across linear TV, streaming services and social media in the coming weeks.

Watch the videos and sign up for Yieldstreet to get started. As Kal says, “Future you might just thank you.” 

Kal Penn is (expected to be) an investor in Yieldstreet offerings and was compensated to participate in this ad. More on conflicts of interest at https://yield.st/kalpenninvests