Yieldstreet’s new look has us thinking about retro Giants logos

November 2, 20222 min read
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If you didn’t notice –  last week we revamped our logo to better reflect and recognize our evolving brand. So, we thought that it’d be appropriate to take a look at the history of our partner, the New York Giants, to see a similar change in their storied history. 

The Football Giants

Heading into the 1946 season, the team was looking for an identity and found an emblematic one in their first logo. That season, they debuted the giant quarterback, looming over the New York skyline (noticeably, the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building). Part of the reason behind the big Giant was to help distinguish from the city’s more notable baseball giants, who wouldn’t move to San Francisco until 1957. 

The logo was a hit and stuck around unchanged for a decade, until the football Giants decided to move to Yankee Stadium. Subsequently, the team slightly tweaked their logo to feature the same quarterback above their new home – though just from the chest up as opposed to a full body. They also simplified the design by removing the red from their logo. During this time however, they also teased an important detail on one of their helmets – a simple ‘NY’ silhouette.


Starting in 1960, the team’s logo changed rapidly and embraced minimalism, simplifying  to a lowercase ‘NY’ that may look familiar to many fans. While certainly the template for the modern logo the Giants employ today, it took a few iterations to reach the current format they  In 1975, for instance, they experimented with a more stylized version that looks like the font faces of yesteryear. It also featured a middle outline that made the logo much busier overall. 

Return of the Red

After retiring the logo following the 1975 season, the Giants switched it up and changed their logo to a written out version of their name ‘GIANTS’ in navy blue – but this time with a bright red outline that popped. Part of the reason for this was moving their stadium this year to the Meadowlands in New Jersey. They would go on to employ this logo until 1999, through various super bowl victories and the era of LT. But the 2000 season saw the team bring together elements of all their past designs to come up with a new logo.

The Logo of Today

Starting in 2000, the team reverted back to the NY logo, though with more separation this time, and a more bold red outline to better distinguish the letters from one another. This is the logo they’ve used ever since, though they still keep an alternative logo over a Giant over the Meadowlands stadium now. 

What do you think – should the giants experiment with their current logo or employ new ones? What’s the best iteration, or what would you like to see them experiment with?