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Since inception, out of the $29B+ of transactions we've reviewed, only $2.7B+ has passed our selective process to make it on to the platform.

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*Since inception, as of October 31, 2021

Your frequently asked questions, answered.

How does Yieldstreet get paid?

The displayed and advertised net target return for all offerings on the Yieldstreet platform are net of our management.

Yieldstreet collects from the cashflows of the offerings an annual management fee that ranges from 0% (on our short term notes program) to 2.5%, aligned with the gross target returns. These fees are clearly disclosed on the individual offering pages for each investment opportunity. There are also annual fund expenses charged to investors (these are also paid from the cashflows from your investment) that vary slightly depending on the legal structure of the offering, disclosed on the individual offering pages.

In addition, mostly on equity offerings, the share of the excess returns shared with investors is clearly disclosed on the offering page. 

In certain circumstances, Yieldstreet may also charge the originator a listing fee.  

How do I make my first investment?

First, you’ll need to set up your account. To begin, click the “Sign Up” button on the homepage. After completing your investor profile, you’ll be able to participate in an investment offering. To make your first investment, simply login to the Yieldstreet platform, visit the offerings marketplace and then click on the individual offering. Next, click “Invest Now" to enter your desired investment amount, noting the investment minimum. You’ll then arrive at a page finalizing how you would like to fund your investment.

Please be advised that after investing with Yieldstreet, you are required to maintain the investment under the original investor account you used to submit your investment request. Once an investment request is submitted, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of holding the investment in the account owner’s name. Our platform does not support the transfer of any investment to another account.

What am I investing in?

Yieldstreet provides investors access to alternative investments*, typically with low correlation** to the stock market. Previously, investments of this kind have been reserved for hedge funds and large institutions. 

We work with experienced originators who provide a loan for a project (or need) that is collateralized by an underlying asset from the associated borrower, such as a real estate property, legal settlement or shipping vessel. 

Our offerings currently focus on a number of alternative asset classes, including Real Estate, Legal Finance, Marine Finance, Commercial and Consumer Finance, and Art Finance. You can learn more about investing in alternatives on Yieldstreet in our Resource Center.

*generally considered to be any investments made in asset classes other than stocks, bonds, and cash

**Yieldstreet offerings provide typically low correlation to the broader markets, meaning that they tend to be largely unaffected by whether the stock market is rising or falling

How often will I receive payments?

Check out this article about what you should expect during the lifetime of an investment

While the majority of our offerings have predefined payment schedules, i.e. monthly or quarterly payments, some investments distribute interest and principal based on the occurrence of certain events. The anticipated payment schedule is always outlined on the offering page of the investment offering as well as the Series Note Supplement or Investment Memorandum.

Predefined Schedule

Offerings with predefined payment schedules pay at regular intervals (monthly, bi-weekly, quarterly, etc.). The offering page of each investment details the exact payment schedule. The offering page also outlines whether investors can expect principal payments throughout the duration of the investment or at maturity of the deal. It is important to understand that a monthly or bi-weekly payment schedule does not necessarily mean that payments will be made on the first and fifteenth of each month. Check out this infographic for more information.

Event-Based Payments

Some offerings are structured with an event-based payment schedule. Event-based payment schedules are commonplace for portfolios of pre-settlement litigation advances. An event-based payment schedule means that investors receive payments as soon as individual cases within a portfolio settle. 

Payment dates and amounts cannot be pre-determined because the timing of the settlement of the underlying cases is uncertain. Given that these investment offerings are made up of multiple underlying cases, an investor can expect to receive multiple payments throughout the term of the investment. For litigation finance investment offerings with one underlying case, you can expect to receive one payment of principal and interest upon final settlement. 

Payments are not guaranteed and may be subject to delay or total loss. See the risk factors for each applicable offering for more details.

How do I fund my investment?

Currently, for most investments, you don’t need to pre-fund your Yieldstreet Wallet. Once you submit an investment allocation, an ACH draft from your external bank account will be initiated if there are not enough funds—or no funds—in your account. This ACH transfer will be initiated at the time of your investment request or if you select to delay, 2 days after making the request. 

You can choose to prefund your Yieldstreet Wallet ahead of making an investment request. Pre-funding your Wallet will shorten the time it takes to process your investment request, which means you will start earning interest sooner.  

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