Bonaccord Private Equity Fund II

Tap into strong private market growth by investing in the managers leading the way.

Target net annualized return³


Estimated life⁹

7 years


Private market assets are expected to double

As assets grow, the revenues collected by private market managers, also known as general partners (GPs), are also projected to increase.
GPs are now selling stakes in their firms to outside investors through a specialized strategy known as GP Stakes.


Capture growth by investing in the firms that manage private markets

The Fund acquires minority stakes in private market managers in exchange for a share of the cash flows from their investments.

Income and growth

Earn private credit yields and private equity appreciation from underlying investments.

Defensive downside characteristics

Attractive returns projected even in an adverse scenario.

Strong diversification

The Fund target stakes in 10-12 firms that invest across alternative asset classes.


Earn cash flows from 100s of underlying private market investments


Solely focused on GP Stakes

Bonaccord uniquely focuses on GP Stakes in middle market managers, targeting scaled, mature businesses in a less competitive segment.


portfolio AUM¹¹


net annualized return


investment professionals

Source: Bonaccord. As of December 31, 2022. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Inside the fund

Already deploying capital

Bonaccord targets middle market managers across private equity, private credit and real assets.

The Fund has already made four investments.

Tap into the growth of private markets by investing in asset managers

We believe GP Stakes investing has the potential to generate private credit yields and private equity levels of capital appreciation. 

9. The term is based on an analysis of the weighted average time horizon that similar-strategy private equity funds return capital to investors. This metric reflects the average across all funds within substantially realized vintage years since 2000, as compiled within the Refinitiv/Cambridge Private Fund Benchmarks, as of March 31, 2022. The vintage years that are included are defined as substantially realized if the ending March 31, 2022 net asset value of all funds within that respective vintage year is less than 25% of the total capital contributions across all those same funds. The use of such comparisons has limitations because market conditions, portfolio holdings and characteristics of the Fund's primary invstment, Bonaccord Capital Partners II will differ from those of the comparison funds, and such differences may be material. Factors affecting the Bonaccord Private Equity Fund and its primary investment’s performance that do not or did not affect performance of prior funds may also include the timing of cash flows, differences in stated terms of the prior funds, performance of underlying portfolio companies, and differences in volatility. In addition, the rate of the return of distributions by the Fund may be different from that of the comparison funds due to recycling and reinvestment at the fund-level.

10. Source: 2022 Preqin Global Private Equity Report. 2021E figure annualized based on data to March 2021. Real Estate and Real Assets comprises BCP’s strategies of focus, including real estate and infrastructure. Real Estate and Real Assets excludes natural resources.

11. Source: Bonaccord Capital Partners. Inclusive of estimates and reports from the sponsors to Bonaccord as of Q4 2022. Defined as the portion of aggregate sponsor AUM for which the sponsors are entitled to receive management fees.