Yieldstreet’s Michael Weisz’s ultimate goal: create private market model portfolios

April 4, 20222 min read
Yieldstreet’s Michael Weisz’s ultimate goal: create private market model portfolios
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Key takeaways

  • Yieldstreet Co-founder Michael Weisz’s ultimate goal is to provide investors access to model portfolios of alternative investments.
  • Yieldstreet continues to sponsor public events in the arts and entertainment.
  • Weisz says US government plans to regulate cryptocurrencies could add clarity and potentially build confidence in crypto assets.

At a recently organized Greenwich Economic Forum in Miami, Yieldstreet’s founder and President Michael Weisz shared his vision for the future of the company. 

The ultimate goal is to make Yieldstreet “the household name for alternative investments” said Weisz in one of his comments, by unlocking additional liquidity and ultimately providing investors with access to “model portfolios” of private assets. He insisted that Yieldstreet is about “thinking differently about private market exposure,” and that the ultimate target is to achieve “tradeability and a permanent capital base.”

“We see Yieldstreet as a consumer brand,” added Weisz, in an effort to explain the company’s marketing efforts. Yieldstreet has been mostly successful at harnessing performance marketing online. In addition to online marketing, Yieldstreet also sponsors public events – especially arts and culture, and entertainment. 

Ultimately, “our platform was created with a specific focus – helping more people make more money through a combination of increased education and increased access,” added Weisz. According to him, Yieldstreet does not claim to have the secret sauce for investment success, but rather takes pride in selecting what Yieldstreet believes are best-in-class private market opportunities and in making them available to most investors on its platform. 

Yieldstreet’s President added that he’s looking forward to the US government’s attempt at regulating crypto. In his view, this would add clarity, which would likely lead to more consumer confidence and, ultimately, an increase in allocations to the space. “There should always be space for a crypto allocation in anyone’s portfolio” – said Weisz – “no matter how small.” For now, Yieldstreet’s objective is to provide access to what Yiledstreet believes are best-in-class crypto managers who are also capable of pointing to value creation beyond Ethereum and Bitcoin. 

On the ongoing war in Ukraine, Yieldstreet’s CEO mentioned the opportunity creation from shifting global supply chains, including the repatriation of several key US manufacturers. Retail investors may be able to access private investment opportunities in the US as they also repatriate their foreign allocations, including the ones in emerging markets. 

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