The Milana Family Foundation gears up for its 7th annual golf event benefiting Man Cave Health

June 6, 20224 min read
The Milana Family Foundation gears up for its 7th annual golf event benefiting Man Cave Health
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Shot by Justin Schmalholz @lakejustin

On Monday, June 13th, Yieldstreet will proudly be supporting The Milana Family Foundation as they kick off their 7th Annual Golf Tournament, a charity event centered around the foundation’s prostate health awareness initiative, Man Cave Health. In anticipation of the event, we spoke a little bit with the initiative’s founder, Thomas Milana, and wanted to take this opportunity to inform our readers about the Man Cave mission, the tournament’s objectives, and the overall importance of prostate health education and awareness. 

What is Man Cave Health?

Officially launched in 2018 under the direction of The Milana Family Foundation, Man Cave Health is an initiative that aims to change how men around the world engage with sensitive topics related to their health, and ultimately to encourage them to play a more active role in their healthcare journey. 

As a man who was diagnosed with prostate cancer at 48 years old, Milana knows first hand the importance of early detection. Unfortunately, he also knows that men have an overwhelming tendency to neglect taking preventative measures when it comes to their health. “Early detection is the key,” he told us, “but 48% of men don’t even go in for their annual checkup. And that needs to change.”

In addition to raising funds to increase access to education and resources, including free health fairs and cancer screening events, Milana conceived of a unique patent care model that makes visiting the doctor a more comfortable and inviting experience for men. It was a simple yet revolutionary idea: to construct a literal “man cave” inside of a medical facility, fully equipped with sports memorabilia, flat-screened TVs, leather seating, and even a coffee bar. 

The first man cave was installed inside the Urology Department at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City, and it became almost immediately clear that the space was having its desired effect. According to Milana, if you didn’t realize where you were, you would never know that the men lounging around in leather chairs, sipping hot coffee, and talking about sports history were actually waiting to be tested or treated for prostate cancer. “People actually converse in the man cave,” he said, “I mean, when’s the last time you went to the doctor and talked to the guy in the chair next to you? The answer is never.”

After being featured in the Wall Street Journal, Man Cave Health received phone calls of interest and support, in addition to visits from patients and medical professionals from around the country. As for the future, Milana is currently working on installing more man caves in hospitals and doctors’ offices across the U.S., including branded mobile vans to deliver free testing and health services wherever they may be needed. 

The Milana Foundation’s 7th Annual Golf Tournament 

The Milana Foundation’s annual golf tournament is one of Man Cave Health’s largest recurring fundraising events, and one that Milana is looking forward to for the 7th year in a row. The event will take place at the Fresh Meadow Country Club in Long Island, NY, and attendants can participate in anything from a putting contest and full round of golf in the afternoon, to dinner and cocktails followed by a charity poker tournament in the evening.

In addition to raising money to support the initiative, the event puts Man Cave Health’s mission to work by featuring free onsite PSA testing for men, a form of prostate cancer screening that measures levels of prostate-specific antigens in the blood. Milana looks at this as yet another opportunity to promote the importance of early detection, and much like with the man cave in Mt. Sinai, to allow men to make a smart decision regarding their health in an environment that makes them feel at ease. 

Beyond being able to enhance awareness around prostate cancer and Man Cave Health, Milana views the event as a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones, and has described it as a “full family affair.” This of course includes his wife and daughters, who come together each year to help organize the event, often coming up with additional games and activities, or selling raffle tickets. 

“My biggest pride, and the best part of the day for me, is my friends coming up and telling me how awesome my daughters are for doing what they do,” Milana said. “It’s a very great day for my family.” 

If you would like to learn more about the tournament, or make a contribution to support Man Cave Health, please visit The Milana Family Foundation’s official event page here