Product Update: Investment Tracker

November 8, 20212 min read
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At Yieldstreet, we are always striving to provide our investors with more transparency and control over their investment portfolio. Talking to our investor base, we identified a need to provide additional context on the status of their investment request. Therefore, we are proud to launch a brand new experience when submitting an investment on Yieldstreet. 

As soon as one submits their investment, we will surface an Investment Tracker that provides detailed steps on what actions we are taking to process your investment. This includes processing the incoming funding deposit or reviewing accreditation documentation. Additionally, if there’s an action item that needs your attention, we will indicate this on the tracker as well as on your portfolio. Some of these actions may include uploading accreditation documents or retrying a deposit that may have bounced back. 

We’re inspired by the best companies, which is why we’ve internally been referring to this update as the Investment Tracker, inspired by Domino’s popular Pizza Tracker.  

An action item in investment listings.
What an action item looks like in Investment Details
An action item on the Investment Tracker

We built this feature to provide transparency and clarity on your investment. We understand that investing can be confusing, difficult, and scary — especially with large sums of money. We want to ease that fear and ensure that your investment is being processed and handled as quickly as possible. 

The investment tracker is accessible as soon as you submit your investment request on the Yieldstreet platform (web and mobile app) and also accessible anytime you visit your portfolio (for pending investments only).