Getting started with Yieldstreet for Equity Trust clients

May 1, 20233 min read
Getting started with Yieldstreet for Equity Trust clients
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Equity Trust and Yieldstreet teamed up to make it adding alternative assets to your retirement account as easy as buying a stock.

Through Equity Trust’s new WealthBridge portal, you can securely connect to Yieldstreet and make an investment in minutes. No forms, approvals, or manual transfers like typically required.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Before I connect to Yieldstreet: 

What is WealthBridge?

WealthBridge is new technology that securely links Equity Trust accounts to Yieldstreet through your myEQUITY portal. This removes the need to manually set up an account with Yieldstreet, so you’re ready to invest in a matter of minutes. 

How do I connect my Equity Trust account to Yieldstreet? 

To get started with Yieldstreet, go to the WealthBridge section on myEQUITY

Find Yieldstreet and click “Connect now.” After answering a few questions, you’ll be all set to add your first Yieldstreet investment to your Equity Trust account.

If you already have a Yieldstreet account prior to connecting your Equity Trust account, be sure the email used on myEQUITY matches the email used on Yieldstreet. If you do not have a myEQUITY account, Equity Trust clients can enroll here

After I connect: 

How do I access Yieldstreet and find investments? 

Once you connect your myEQUITY account to Yieldstreet, all investing activities are completed on the Yieldstreet website or app. 

You can log in to Yieldstreet with the same email as myEQUITY and the password you created when connecting your account. 

Download the Yieldstreet app from the App Store or Google Play to invest and monitor your portfolio on the go. 

Where can I find investments? 

Head to the Yieldstreet investments page to browse available investment opportunities. Be sure to toggle the “IRA Eligibility” filter to “On” so you only see eligible investments. 

How are funds transferred when I invest? 

Funding from your Equity Trust account is automatically wired to Yieldstreet after you make an investment. 

Be sure you have adequate funds available before submitting your investment request. 

Can I invest on Yieldstreet without an IRA?

You can add a taxable account to your Yieldstreet profile here

Non-IRA accounts offer access to additional investments on Yieldstreet without rules governing contributions and distributions. 

How do I get support?

The easiest way to connect with a Yieldstreet representative is through our Support Center. You can also chat live with Yieldstreet by clicking the mint-colored speech bubble at the bottom right of your screen.

After making my first investment: 

How do I track my investment? 

You can see investments both on myEQUITY and on your Yieldstreet dashboard

You can access Quarterly Performance Updates that provide detailed commentary on each investment’s progress from your dashboard. 

How do I receive proceeds from my investment? 

When payments are made or your principal is returned, funds will be automatically wired back to your Equity Trust account. 

Other common questions

What are private market alternative investments? 

Simply put, any investment outside stocks, bonds, or cash is considered an alternative. Most alternatives are not publicly traded on an exchange; instead, investments are made on private markets. 

The most common alternative investments include: 

Previously only accessible to institutions, private market alternatives are rapidly becoming a meaningful part of many individual investor portfolios. Alternatives can complement a traditional portfolio, potentially delivering stronger risk-adjusted returns.

What is Yieldstreet? 

Yieldstreet is the leading private market investing platform. Founded in 2015, we have helped more than 420k members diversify their portfolios with everything from real estate and private credit to legal finance, art, and more. Our platform is differentiated by its 10+ asset classes, institutional due diligence standards, strong track record, and best-in-class investor experience. 

Learn more about Yieldstreet

What is Equity Trust? 

Equity Trust Company is a financial services company that enables individual investors and financial professionals to diversify investment portfolios using alternative asset classes such as real estate, tax liens, private equity, cryptocurrency, and precious metals. Equity Trust Company evolved from a predecessor brokerage firm founded in 1974 to a directed custodian with more than $39 billion in assets (as of 1/31/23). 

Learn more about Equity Trust.

Important disclosure: Equity Trust receives compensation for investments made by their clients in Yieldstreet products, creating a conflict of interest. Equity Trust is not a client or investor in any Yieldstreet products. Read more.