Create a Yieldstreet IRA in 3 Easy Steps

April 21, 20212 min read
Create a Yieldstreet IRA in 3 Easy Steps
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Consolidating retirement accounts often seems like a lengthy and complicated process, however beneficial it seems. We kept this in mind when creating the Yieldstreet Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and were determined to offer Yieldstreet members a fast and easy way to help diversify their retirement portfolio outside of the stock market. In just three easy steps, you can be ready to invest with your IRA on Yieldstreet.

Step 1: From the accounts page on your portfolio add a new account, selecting the Yieldstreet IRA option. Then designate whether you would like to create a Traditional or Roth IRA.

Provide legally-required personal information: your government ID; beneficiary information; and documents to support your investor accreditation status. Or, if you already have an existing taxable account with us, you can simply recycle the information previously provided. 

Step 2: Fund your account

Fund your Yieldstreet IRA by transferring funds from another IRA account. Simply search for your current account provider (custodian) on our site. 

Finally, enter your current account number for this account, and tell us how much liquid cash you want to bring over. 

We handle the rest, and funds should arrive in your Yieldstreet wallet within 10 business days. 

You can also fund your account by rolling over funds from an eligible 401(k) plan. Your current employer might also allow you to roll over funds whilst still being employed there.  

Based on the amount deposited into your Yieldstreet IRA over the 2021 calendar year, low account maintenance fees will be charged. 

Step 3: Once we’ve received your funding request, we will send you a Yieldstreet IRA welcome packet for e-signing. Once you’ve signed, your account will be fully set up, and as soon as funds arrive in your Yieldstreet Wallet you’ll be ready to invest and closer to realizing your next level.