A message to the Yieldstreet community

April 7, 20223 min read
A message to the Yieldstreet community
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The future of Yieldstreet

To our current and future investors, friends, and those who are just getting to know us,

We started this business seven years ago from a co-working space in the heart of New York, with mice as co-tenants. 

Since those early days, our mission – our dream – has been to make access to alternative investments and private markets mainstream. Six years later, that dream is on track to becoming a reality and is fundamentally changing the industry. But most importantly, it is putting people on the path of increased financial security and, potentially, financial freedom. 

Yieldstreet began its journey by offering single opportunities in individual asset classes – real estate and legal. It has since evolved into a unique multi-asset platform, capable of offering access to a large number of products within the alternative investment space. In these seven years, we proudly generated approximately USD 200 million in interest for our investors. Imagine the positive impact on college tuition, car and mortgage payments, and leisure expenditures for tens of thousands of people. 

As we like to say, innovation is our DNA. In 2021 we added close to half a billion in third-party funds capacity across different asset classes. Our real estate portfolio has greatly increased in size and is now much more focused on equity investments. In addition, we now offer access to a third-party crypto manager with a proven track record and deep industry experience.   

We hired dozens of new people across all of our departments – including the investment, investor relations, and engineering teams – and created a brand new content team that will be working on engaging, educational articles, podcasts, and videos for our investors and followers. 

As we approach the seven year mark, USD 3.8 billion worth of investments have been funded by Yieldstreet and more than USD 1.8 billion has been paid back in principal and interest to investors. The Yieldstreet community is now over 375,000 members strong. 

And we are not just a community – we care about our community. We launched a program to help raise relief funds for Ukraine, matching investor donations, which raised close to USD 120,000 to help war refugees. But we also focus on issues here at home. Through a partnership with City Harvest, we rescued and donated 60,000 pounds of food on the platform in November and December 2021. And more recently, we started raising funds to help cook 20,000 Passover meals, for Yieldstreet will match donations up to USD 36,000. 

Of course, we are not stopping here. 

We have many more investment opportunities in our pipeline – including in the crypto, commercial real estate, and art spaces – that can provide exposure to potentially higher-yielding returns as well as increase diversification. And we are looking to expand our services beyond the simple offering of investment products – more to come on this soon. 

Stay tuned. Seven years on, Yieldstreet’s journey has only just begun. 

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