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Why private markets

Diversify beyond stocks and bonds

We believe private markets are a fundamental part of a modern portfolio. With performance that is generally differentiated from equities and fixed income, here are the key benefits of alternatives.

Historically greater returns

Generally lower volatility

Help protect against drawdowns

Helping create more efficient portfolios

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The leading platform for private market investing

Strong returns through multiple market cycles

More than 90% of our investments have performed within 0.5% or better of their target returns.1

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We offer strategies from some of the most prominent investment managers in the world.

Offerings curated and vetted by investment professionals

Our team approves less than 10% of the billions of dollars in deals they evaluate each year.

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Kal Penn explains private market investing

The actor and former White House staffer teamed up with Yieldstreet to help more investors than ever evolve their portfolio with alternative assets.

Get the recommended allocation of up to 20% private markets

Investment managers like BlackRock recommend supplementing your portfolio of stocks and bonds with up to 20% private market alternatives. Sign up to explore all available opportunities.


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