Yieldstreet Is Evolving: Coming Changes To Email Frequency

June 29, 20212 min read
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Yieldstreet oxpecker and impala logo over abstract art meant to highlight evolution of the fintech company

It’s been a busy time at Yieldstreet. We’ve completed our Series C fund raising, we’re continuing to launch new deals on the platform, and we’re even starting to come back to the office. But for today, we wanted to highlight some of the communication changes that investors and the Yieldstreet community can expect to see. As we continue growing the number of deals we have on the platform at any given time, the diversity of the offerings that we have on our platform – which now includes more funds to complement our single investment offerings –  and our popular webinar series, we want to make sure we’re not flooding your inbox and inundating anyone with our emails. So, we’re making a few changes to the way we communicate, starting with the frequency of our emails. 

Email Cadence & Communication

As we expect to see a continued increase in the frequency and diversity of investment offerings on our platform, we’re sensitive to the quantity of emails this requires using our old model of two emails for each launch: one at announcement and one at launch. We’ll be moving away from this email cadence to one where members receive one weekly email with our current open offerings. For some of our most active members, we’ll send an additional email at each new offering’s launch only, which means members will no longer receive an email announcing each offering. 

For webinars, instead of receiving 1-2 emails per webinar, we’ll start sending one weekly email out announcing all of our upcoming webinars. 

We hope this new email approach helps simplify our investment offering launch and webinar process. Over time, we expect to build out additional subscription capabilities to help ensure you always receive all of the Yieldstreet updates and content that you enjoy most.

Other Notes: Integrations with Other Top Players

A handful of users who have reached out already know, but we’ve started integrating with other platforms, so if you’re a Mint or Personal Capital user, you can now track your Yieldstreet balance in your account. This first iteration is just a small step towards a larger trend. 

We’re taking steps each day to build a vision for passive income and alternative investments for the masses and will continue to keep you informed on changes to our communications. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at  [email protected] if you have any questions on what this means for you. 

Please note that our initial change to our communication policy was to send only an announcement email to our most active users. However, after feedback from our members, we have adjusted our policy to only send out an email at launch.