Understanding Yieldstreet Fund Expenses

October 11, 20182 min read
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At YieldStreet, our investments are structured as either a special purpose vehicle, or SPV –  or as a borrower payment dependent note – BPDN. Both require specific expenses – regardless of the asset class or the size of your investment. Yearly financial audits for YieldStreet are completed for each active SPV by a third party PCAOB compliant firm. These detailed audits are completed to comply with RIA requirements and ensure that accounting for the SPV has been completed in accordance with GAAP standards. 

Melanie Alese | Investor Relations In an offering with an SPV structure, the first year expense is $150 and then $70 in subsequent years. BPDN offerings carry a $100 expense in year one and $30 in subsequent years. Once the expense to the fund is paid, you can expect to earn interest payments as usual. These annual expenses are included to cover mandated expenses required by the SEC.  Some of these charges include Form D filings, State Blue Sky filings, the fund’s annual Delaware franchise fee, and audit fees associated with the fund’s tax returns.
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