Improve Your Residual Income with Yield

August 31, 20152 min read
Improve Your Residual Income with Yield
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If you’re like most investors, you have stock mutual fund shares and some bonds in your retirement account. Maybe you do a little trading “for fun.” Maybe you’re dreaming of buying a rental property but haven’t come up with the down payment yet. Unless you’re nearing retirement age, you probably haven’t thought much about investments that improve cash flow–but you should. Cash-flow investments are assets that provide a steady stream of cash payments on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Generating regular investment cash flow is a great way to create wealth, yet many people neglect yield-based investments–in part because until recently most high-yield investment opportunities were simply not accessible to average investors. If you weren’t a high-net-worth individual, an institutional investor or hedge fund, you were out of luck.

To move toward true financial independence–and have some protection from the vagaries of the stock market, as well–consider adding debt-based investments that generate cash payments to your portfolio.

Right now most, if not all, of your cash flow probably comes from your job. But what if that went away? What if you didn’t need a job anymore to generate monthly income? What if you had multiple alternative investments contributing to your residual income?

Buying a rental property can be a solid cash on cash-generating investment, but buying and managing real estate can also be a headache and become a full-time job. You may also have thought of investing in a small business to generate some cash.

Learn more about Yieldstreet and its offerings and you’ll find a variety of high-yield investment opportunities that may improve your monthly cash flow.