Investment Memorandum

November 3, 20152 min read
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Before an investor can finalize the perspective of their desired investment, a team of investment managers will set up an investment memorandum. The investment memorandum acts as a profile to consider all investments and products to determine whether the offerings will meet the client’s desired needs.

Yieldstreet will use its team of highly skilled investment experts to set up an investment memorandum. This memorandum or document will deliver extensive information regarding the initial offering to investors.

Creating an investment memorandum can be an extensive process. The members involved in setting up the memorandum will need to do a thorough investigation into the company or individual before a final summary can be delivered.

What’s included in an investment memorandum?

There are a plethora of objectives included in the final version of an investment or offering memorandum before it is delivered to the client.

Included objectives:

  • A full company profile of those selected
  • Financial management statements
  • Operational statements
  • All risks associated with the desired companies
  • Legal terms and conditions

Why should investors request an investment memorandum?

Although private investment can be considered high risk, this memorandum acts as a dossier to help protect both investors and sellers against any liability associated with selling unregistered securities.

Furthermore, it acts as an informative guide to help investors assess the investment and whether or not they would benefit from it.

Who prepares the investment memorandum?

Various financial institutions can assist to prepare an investment memorandum. At Yieldstreet, a team of investment experts will review the investor profile and associated risks and will create a memorandum based on investment needs.

Investment bankers are some of the most skilled professionals to help prepare such a memorandum.