What are Yieldstreet’s fees?

March 8, 20161 min read
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The target return advertised and displayed on the website for each offering is net of listing and management fees and represents the target return an investor would earn from their investment if the underlying asset fully performs and there are no defaults or other extenuating circumstances. Listing Fees: On an individual offering, there may be a flat listing fee that is charged to the originator of such offering by YieldStreet Inc. This fee may be zero or waived at Yieldstreet’s sole discretion. Management Fees: YieldStreet Management, LLC collects a management fee on all offerings, generally ranging between 1 – 4% annually. These fees are disclosed on the individual offering page and in the Operating Agreement and Investment Memorandum (SPV) or Series Note Supplement (BPDN) for each offering. As described, the displayed and advertised target return for all offerings is net of these listing and management fees. The management fee is disclosed on the individual offering pages for each investment opportunity. There are also annual flat expenses investors are responsible for per investment (these are paid from initial interest distributions from your investment) that vary slightly depending on the legal structure of the offering (either SPV or BPDN structure).