How do I see the status of my investments? When is my investment active?

August 17, 20161 min read
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To see the status of your investments, you can visit your portfolio page by clicking on the ‘View Portfolio’ link when you are logged in to YieldStreet. When you initially make your investment, the investment will be marked as “Pending” in your Portfolio. Once you have completed your investment request, you will receive a confirmation email. Provided the account through which you submitted your investment request is properly set up, in that your identity, accreditation and banking information are verified, your investment will go Active and begin accruing interest within 5 business days from the date funds were debited from your external account. From an operational perspective, it takes about 3 business days for funds to settle, then remain “on-risk” of being returned for 2 business days. If you choose to pre-fund your YieldStreet Wallet, your investment will go active sooner as you will not have to wait for external funds to settle. In this scenario, you can expect your investment to go Active within roughly 2 business days.