How do I fund an investment?

October 3, 20181 min read
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Once you have a Yieldstreet Wallet set up, there are a few ways your investment could be funded. 1. If you choose to pre-fund your wallet, funds will be pulled directly from your wallet and you will not have to wait for settlement of funds allowing your investment to be active sooner. 2. If you don’t choose to pre-fund your wallet when submitting an investment allocation, if there are not enough or no funds in your wallet at that time, you can select to have funds pulled electronically that day, or, you can select to delay funding by two days. This will allow funding to be initiated two business days after your allocation was submitted. If you indicate your preferred method as wire transfer, you will receive wire instructions via email and you are responsible to initiate payment to Yieldstreet once your accredited investor status is confirmed. We typically can accommodate up to 5 business days to receive your funds. Please note that an investment is not considered complete until we have received your payment.