Demystifying our new tiered pricing

September 23, 20221 min read
Demystifying our new tiered pricing
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Discounted management fees have been introduced to select offerings. Like other asset managers, we plan to offer this to larger investments made on the platform — for investments above $100,000, investors will receive a management discount of -0.10%, and for investments above $250,000 that discount will become -0.25%.  

Investors should expect a clean fee, and not a lower effective fee that only kicks in for dollars invested above a certain amount. For example, should an individual invest $250,001 dollars, the entire investment will receive the effective management fee. 

See how this works in practice below:

Hypothetical savings with discounted management fees
Investment Size1 Yr3 Yr5Yr10 Yr
No Discount$75,000
0.10% Discount$100,000$100$300$501$1,005
0.25% Discount$250,000$625$1,880$3,141$6,321

This feature  is one simple way that we are showing our commitment to our investors. At this time, tiered pricing will be rolled out to selected offerings, so be sure to take a look at individual offering pages to see how the fee structure works. As always, let us know if you have any additional questions by reaching out to [email protected]