Can I protect my account with Two-Factor Authentication?

August 19, 20191 min read
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Enabling Two-Factor Authentication will add an additional level of security when accessing your Yieldstreet account. This security measure helps protect your account in the event that your password becomes compromised. Two-Factor Authentication can be easily activated/deactivated from the Manage Accounts page on the platform here.

Once enabled, whenever you sign into Yieldstreet, you’ll enter your password as usual. Then, a code will be sent to your phone via SMS. Alternatively, you can access the Two-Factor Authentication code from the Authy authenticator app (which can be downloaded for free from the App or GooglePlay store). Once you have received the code and have entered it correctly on the platform, you’ll be able to use the Yieldstreet site and app as normal. You’ll be prompted to enter a new code each time you want to log into your account.