Are my documents secure?

February 13, 20171 min read
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YieldStreet places great importance on keeping your information secure. We encrypt all personal information on our website and our technology team endeavors to utilize best practices for security sitewide. The identity information you provide on YieldStreet is stored by our third party financial provider, SynapseFI. Synapse stores all information submitted for KYC (know your customer) purposes. This includes SSN/EIN numbers, along with other documents provided, such as a government ID or Trust agreement, as applicable. All other information entered on our site is encrypted, and our team ensures that sufficient cyber security measures are in place. YieldStreet does not store the SSN/EIN numbers or physical documents.  Additionally, YieldStreet does not store or see banking information or bank login information for additional security. The login is actually a direct connection to your bank, and YieldStreet does not ever see or store this information.