How to Verify Your Accreditation

July 17, 20182 min read
How to Verify Your Accreditation
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Because YieldStreet is a registered investment advisor operating under rule 506(C) and subject to SEC regulation we are required to verify that all of our participating investors are accredited.

If you qualify based on income – you must have earned $200,000/year for the past two consecutive tax years or $300,000/year if filing jointly with your spouse. You can upload your two most recent W2s, K1s, or 1099 forms to verify that information. Additionally you can submit your tax returns.

If verifying via net worth, you can provide documents showing assets greater than $1 million dollars or more.

These documents can include: bank statements, brokerage account statements, business ownership documentation including tax filings along with an operating agreement, or, certain third party statements from acceptable institutions.

We cannot include your primary residence as part of your assets, but vacation or investment properties are acceptable with proof of ownership and valuation. In addition to providing documentation on assets, you are also required to submit a credit report to disclose liabilities. This can be obtained online through websites like Credit Karma.

If applicable, You can also submit a verification request through the YieldStreet system to a third party such as your CPA, lawyer, a registered broker-dealer, or investment advisor who can validate your status on your behalf.

Once your documentation is submitted, it can take up to 5 business days for your documents to be reviewed and approved. Once approved your accreditation is typically valid for 1 year, or until the next tax day if you verify via income.