Founded in 1984, Onex manages and invests capital on behalf of its shareholders, institutional investors and high net worth clients from around the world. Onex’ platforms include: Onex Partners, private equity funds focused on mid- to large-cap companies in North America and Western Europe; ONCAP, private equity funds focused on middle market and smaller opportunities in North America; Onex Credit, which manages primarily non-investment grade debt with strategies focused on CLOs, direct lending, and opportunistic and structured credit, as well as actively managed public equity and public credit funds; and Gluskin Sheff’s wealth management services.

In total Onex’ assets under management today are approximately $47 billion, of which approximately $7.9 billion is Onex’ investing capital.

With offices in Toronto, New York, New Jersey, Boston and London, Onex and its experienced management teams are collectively the largest investors across Onex’ platforms.

Onex Credit has a successful 20-year track record executing a disciplined approach to credit investing with a focus on capital preservation and strong risk adjusted returns through credit cycles.

We invest primarily in non-investment grade credit with strategies focused on CLOs, direct lending, and opportunistic and structured credit, as well as actively managed public equity and public credit funds.

By offering a variety of strategies in various credit asset classes, we believe we are able to capitalize on synergies across both the Onex credit and private equity platforms. At Onex Credit, we believe our sourcing capabilities and collective data intelligence help to better inform our investment decisions and dynamically manage our portfolios in varying market conditions. This method allows us to meet the diverse needs of institutional and high net worth investors and to tailor investing strategies to such needs. We practice value-oriented investing, employing a rigorous bottom-up, fundamental and structural analysis of the underlying borrowers, coupled with active portfolio management, to continually seek to optimize portfolio positioning.

With a robust investment team of 96 investment professionals, including 23 portfolio managers, we are able to research and invest in a diverse set of public and private alternative credit investments that provide various income and return options to our investors.

At September 30, 2021, the platform managed approximately $24 billion of assets across its various strategies including $7.0 billion of Gluskin Sheff client capital. Onex had $890 million of capital invested in its credit strategies.


Ronnie Jaber - Managing Director, Head of Structured Credit, Portfolio Manager

Ronnie is a Portfolio Manager of Onex Credit, overseeing Structured Credit and member of the Opportunistic Credit and Structured Credit Investment Committees.

Ronnie has 17 years of industry experience. Prior to joining Onex Credit, Ronnie spent over 11 years at The Carlyle Group where he was Co-Head of Carlyle Structured Credit, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager in Global Credit. In this capacity, Ronnie was responsible for Structured Credit investment activity globally, Opportunistic Credit managed accounts and for shaping internal market/macro strategy. Prior to joining Carlyle, Ronnie ran the structured loan business at Morgan Stanley globally. Prior to that, he was responsible for high-yield structured credit trading and worked on a proprietary trading desk at Bank of America.

Ronnie earned a B.S. in Engineering from Cornell University.