Special situation financing for commercial real estate: Krish Investors LLC’s strategy is to originate, underwrite, and close 1st lien, short term, asset based commercial financing.

Krish seeks to generate stable, targeted low-teens returns while minimizing volatility through strict underwriting criteria and due diligence to protect capital.

We do this through:

  • Understanding the economics of the targeted geographic markets
  • Existing network of professionals with skills focused on originating loans
  • Highly scalable and immediate deal flow
  • Asset valuation with specific lending and credit due-diligence processes
  • Established reputation and track record of success
  • Legal, compliance and risk management controls

Originator Highlights

  • Krish principals have a long history of success; investing and lending in multiple asset classes, including real estate, credit, and equity markets.
  • In addition, each principal has invested a substantial amount of their liquid net worth in Krish Investors LLC (~$5mm).
  • Krish targets borrowers that traditional banking institutions no longer service.

Target Borrowers

  • Seeking funds for capital acquisitions, property development, foreclosure bailouts, debt-consolidation and bankruptcy discharges.
  • Real Estate Investors looking to capitalize on all cash purchases, typically initiated at a discount (non owner occupied).
  • Construction project funding.
  • Small business expansion.
  • Entities attempting to access real estate equity.


Sanjeev “Raj” Verma


Mr. Verma is one of New Jersey and Pennsylvania’s Leading Branded Retail and Gas Station Multi-Unit Franchisees. He is a Rutgers University graduate and entrepreneur and humbly tells us that his success has come to him through hard work dedication and experience. Mr. Verma has held a number of different positions all in Business Management. He has held tenure with such organizations as Continental Airlines, which he joined in 1988 and worked “Hands-On” until 2001, in the Human Resources department, managing the personnel development program and learning how to structure a business and motivate staff correctly. Since his tenure with Continental Airlines, Mr. Verma has been fortunate through hard work and proper preparation to venture into business for himself. Today, Mr. Verma and his Wife Simi successfully, run a business network that accounts for more than $100 million gross sales and employ a staff of over 100 people. In addition to his business successes, Mr. Verma is also a part of the United Dealer Alliance, he is a founding member and on the Board of Directors of the United Dealers of New Jersey and Vice President of the Asian American Retail Association.

Joel Kraut


TMr. Kraut spent 20 years (1987 – 2006) working, building and growing a proprietary trading shop on Wall Street. The Company, Orbit II Partners began with a $100,000 loan and grew to a 60 person operation across six exchanges with an overnight portfolio value as high as $250 million. In 2001 Joel also became a partner in a real estate development company in New Jersey and New York. During that time his experienced ranged from raw land purchase, bank and investor negotiations as well as on site construction experience. Additionally Joel grew a multi family housing portfolio to encompass over 800 tenants across multiple locations. These various experiences have positioned Joel with a unique skill set that he applies daily to numerous loan requests (conventional and bridge) and allocation of funds associated with same. Over the past decade Joel has been actively involved in the financing of $1+ billion of funding in various capacities, from principal, broker, joint venture partner, etc.