July Residential

July Residential (“July”) is an affiliate of the El-Ad Group, based in New York. July was founded by Avihai Daniell, LV Lavalli, and Isaac Pinto. July’s main investment philosophy is to develop, acquire, and operate superior multi-family properties in the most desirable U.S. markets. The company focuses on high growth markets, with the goal of creating value through property improvements and running efficient property management from its in-house management company, Element National Management (“Element”). July’s current multifamily portfolio consists of over 2,226 multi family units across 3 states and totals over $225,000,000 in total transaction volume.

Element is the company’s exclusive property management company and was founded in 2007 by L.V. Lavallii, as well as El-Ad Group, who is a managing partner and president at July. Currently, Element employs approx. 50 employees, and operates in 4 different states. With the acquisition of the Property, July’s, as well as Element’s current real estate holdings, and units under management, consist of over 2,000 multifamily units across 8 properties in 2 major metropolitan markets. Historically, Element has managed over 20,000 units in over 12 states.

El-Ad Group is a real estate development and investment company that was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in New York. El-Ad Group is an affiliate of July Residential, which allows July to leverage their extensive experience. The company is vertically integrated with internal construction, marketing, legal, and development divisions. As of 2021, the company has approximately $2Bn of assets under management after recently selling its 14,000-unit multi-family portfolio for $1.75Bn.


Avihai Daniell – Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Avihai Daniell is the co-founder and managing partner of July Residential. Avihai’s responsibilities include establishing and implementing investment strategies, identifying new target markets and the overall financial analysis and management of new investments. Avihai graduated from Babson College, and while still at Babson founded Sutton Daniell Capital Partners, which originated construction loans in New York, acquired and invested in properties throughout the country. Avihai’s prior experience also includes working at a REIT-focused-hedge-fund, Zimmer Partners, where he covered, identified and underwrote prospective REIT investments.

Isaac Pinto – Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Isaac Pinto is the co-founder and managing partner of July Residential. Isaac has over a decade of real estate experience. As July Residential managing partner, he oversees the acquisition analysis, strategic planning, finance and development of the investment properties. With a background in law and accounting, Isaac also oversees the company’s legal and tax strategy. Prior to forming July Residential, Isaac founded and led an operation that developed ground up multifamily projects with a specific interest in the D.C. Metro market. Isaac has a proven ability of locating superior opportunities and overseeing a development operation from the ground up to a successful exit, while creating value for his investors and partners.

L.V. Lavalli – Managing Partner & President

With over 20 years of experience, LV functions as the company president and heads the company’s property operations, along with the due diligence process of new investments. LV is also the President and Chief Executive Officer of Element National Management, which has had well over 20,000 units under management. LV oversees the day-to-day activities as well as manages the financial performance of the management company. His primary responsibilities include managing all capital improvements, financial planning, strategic planning, budget review and all personnel decisions.