Esquire Bank

Esquire Bank (“Bank”) is a full-service commercial bank. The bank went public in 2017 (NASDAQ: ESQ). Esquire bank serves professional service firms, law professionals, small to mid-sized businesses, and individuals. The Bank focuses on servicing these businesses, their owners, and employees, giving them direct access to key decision-makers including our senior and executive managers.

The Bank provides relationship banking through their high-tech / high-touch approach. The Bank’s team has designed a full range of banking services and products with competitive deposit and loan rates. The Bank’s systems use the latest technology, providing clients with customized tools to efficiently conduct their banking business. Specifically, the Bank’s financial management suite effectively provides their customers with a bank branch in their own office.

Additionally, due to the substantial ties that many of the Bank's board members and organizers have to the legal community, the Bank provides specialized banking services to small- to mid-size law firms and supporting organizations in the New York metropolitan area, as well as nationally. The Bank has extensive knowledge of this industry and provides products and services that it believes differentiate it from competitors.

The Bank prides itself on having maintained a disciplined approach to lending over the past turbulent years. This approach, mandated by the Board of Directors and executed by CEO Andrew Sagliocca and his team, has resulted in the Bank having one of the strongest balance sheets in the industry. The Bank has weathered the financial crisis, thereby conserving shareholder value. The Bank’s strong balance sheet, new product offerings and depth of management create an enormous opportunity to grow its business within the trial bar and other client segments.

Commercial and Law Firm Lending

Esquire Bank offers innovative and unique lending products and solutions to the legal community and their clients. The Bank has developed a robust legal network by leveraging relationships of The Bank’s founders, directors and stockholders who are well-known in the legal community. The Bank focuses on plaintiff law firms that specialize in single event, mass tort, class action and worker’s compensation cases. The Bank also serves as a depository for the legal community for low cost settlement escrow and commercial operating accounts.

Consumer & Real Estate Lending

Esquire Bank lends to claimants (consumers) of law firms in single event, mass tort and class action lawsuits utilizing post settlement loans. The Bank will also selectively lend to the partners of law firms. The Bank offers traditional real estate financing to both residential and commercial properties as a means to further diversify its loan portfolio.


Dennis Shields

Founder & Executive Chairman

Mr. Shields also serves as YieldStreet’s Chairman of the Board. Prior to Esquire Bank, he served as President and Chief Executive Officer of HealthShield Capital Corporation (“HealthShield”) from June 1996 to May 2002. HealthShield provides financing, billing, collection and collateral-management services to the healthcare marketplace on a nationwide basis. In addition, Mr. Shields has served on the New York State Health Information and Quality Improvement Committee. He also served as a lay member of the Grievance Committee to the Second and Eleventh Judicial Departments in New York, the committee responsible for disciplining attorneys.

Andrew Sagliocca

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Sagliocca has been the Chief Executive Officer at Esquire Bank since January 2009. Mr. Sagliocca has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. Prior to his current role, Mr. Sagliocca served two years as Esquire Bank's Chief Financial Officer and eight years as North Fork Bank’s Corporate Controller.

Eric Bader

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Bader currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer at Esquire Bank but has served in various roles since 2011 including Treasurer, Executive Vice President and Senior Vice President.

Ari Kornhaber, Esq.

Executive Vice President

Mr. Kornhaber serves as Executive Vice President at Esquire Bank and has been Director of Sales since 2013. Mr. Kornhaber practiced personal injury litigation for nine years in New York City with the law firm of Pariser & Vogelman prior to Esquire Bank. Mr. Kornhaber also litigated for Napoli Kaiser Bern & Associates where he specialized in personal injury, medical malpractice and mass tort litigation. Mr. Kornhaber has spoken about litigation finance and ethics at seminars and meetings across the United States.