Avenue One Holdings, LP

Avenue One embraces vetted, local expertise to upend an outdated and inefficient model of single-family rental investment. It is a service platform offering institutional investors access to real estate data, analytics and operational capabilities necessary to acquire and manage single-family rental properties at scale.

Avenue One is powered by data: national, neighborhood, property and transaction records are analyzed by skilled operators, using cutting edge technology to find particular, predefined types of single family houses in attractive markets across the country. Property selection depends on the triangulation of vast datasets, which a proprietary tech stack automatically collects, updates and renders into a user-friendly interface. The platform enables Avenue One to identify and accurately underwrite properties in seconds.

Once a bid is submitted on a property, Avenue One performs and facilitates full due diligence, consisting of an in-person physical property inspection and title and pre-closing reviews. Inspections are conducted on each property by in-market renovation and inspection partners. The inspection, coordinated and managed by Avenue One’s local manager, assesses the quality of the home and the cost of rehabilitating it to predefined Avenue One standards. Visibility and cost control is coordinated at speed through the use of mobile apps, which map rehabilitation costs back to the initial proposed total cost of acquisition. Each purchase is closed and funded only after the inspection confirms that the rehabilitation cost aligns with Avenue One’s underwriting and when Avenue One’s title partner confirms clear and insurable title on the property. After the property is purchased, Avenue One oversees the renovation of each property, which is then made ready to lease through local property management partners.

Avenue One engages local property management partners to perform the day-to-day management responsibilities for the properties on Avenue One’s platform. Property management partners are selected following an extensive diligence process to ensure that each property manager has the experience, technology, and operating capability to meet the high standards of Avenue One and its investors. The partners, in close coordination with Avenue One’s asset management team, are responsible for leasing, maintenance, home inspections, and rent collection. Avenue One manages processes and real-time communication via APIs, which connect directly into the partners’ systems.


Ryan Stroker

Mr. Stroker headed Acquisitions at Amherst Residential where he was tasked with deploying $800M in equity across the nation, identifying portfolio opportunities from 28 MSAs. He built a team and technology around data to create a scalable process to acquire off-market single-family rentals. Prior to working at Amherst’s SFR Operator, he spent 15 years working in capital markets in banking, trading and sales, always focusing on the residential housing market.

William Martiner

Throughout his career, Mr. Martiner focused on applying technology to empower and transform business processes. Most recently, he led Enterprise Technology at Compass, deploying technology to fuel and scale operations during its explosive growth. As York Capital’s Chief Technology Officer, he created the system and data infrastructure that empowered the hedge fund’s growth from $9B to over $27B in assets under management. At Nomura, he led both technology and securities operations strategy, initiating the broker-dealer’s process improvement initiative and leading efforts as CTO to re-engineer settlement & clearance and data management platforms.