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48 months

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Accepting $30,000 - $250,000 investments


Important Notes

Interest is expected to accrue and compound rather than be distributed monthly. Please refer to the “Term and Cash Flow” section for more details.

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Actual 360


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Deferred Return




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Sept 2, 2023

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Sept 2, 2024


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Please refer to the Investment Memorandum for more details about this offering.

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  • The developer and its investor syndicate have provided $14.1M (20.6% of total project cost) in equity, which is subordinated to Yieldstreet’s $7.1M preferred equity commitment. As a result, the developer is in the first loss position

  • Upon completion, the development is expected to be a 368-unit garden-style multi-family complex. According to CoStar, a commercial real estate data analytics company, multi-family demand has been solid and comparable properties have leased-up in relatively short timeframes.

  • The project is led by an experienced Florida-based developer of large, high-profile master-planned communities comparable to the property and over 30,000 residential units. The project is designed to be consistent in quality and aesthetic with other developments overseen by the developer and the general contractor. As such, they are able to leverage direct institutional knowledge and existing supplier relationships.

  • The developer has engaged a reputable general contractor that focuses on projects in the southeast United States and has completed over 100,000 multi-family units. The general contractor has provided the developer with a guaranteed maximum price, which helps mitigate the risk of cost overruns. The general contractor for this offering is the same general contractor used in the prior related offerings, and has a positive working relationship with the developer.

  • The developer has provided the senior lender with an unconditional guarantee of completion. As of 06/30/20, the principals of the developer reported a net worth of $31.4M, corresponding to $45.5M at fair market value. Under the terms of the senior lender loan agreement, the developing entity is obligated to maintain minimum net assets of $20M at all times while the senior loan is outstanding.

  • Yieldstreet has participated in four offerings with the same developer. All other related projects to this offering benefit from the experience of the same general contractor connected to this transaction. All previously offered deals continue to perform in line with expectations. See here and here for updates on how two of the other related deals are progressing. See here for an update on this specific offering.


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