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Accepting $15,000 - $500,000 investments


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  • Given the increases seen in population and job growth in Atlanta, and in rents in Midtown Atlanta, Downtown Atlanta is becoming an attractive option for renters where they can save at ~$500 on monthly rent for a product similar to what is available in Midtown. Generation is one of the premier products in the entire Downtown submarket and benefits from its location with quick access to entertainment/dining options in Midtown and offices in Downtown. The trend of the convergence of Downtown and Midtown is expected to continue given transformative projects such as Centennial Yards, The Stitch, and continued job/population growth.

  • According to Costar, the more expensive Midtown gets, the more enticing it is for renters to consider Downtown as a viable option, boosting demand and rent growth prospects in the submarket in the mid to long term.

    • Rent growth was 10.9% over the last twelve months and Costar projects average annual rent growth of 5.4% over the next three years.
    • The current vacancy rate is 10.6% due to numerous projects currently in lease-up but stabilized vacancy (excluding projects in lease-up) is approximately 3%.
    • Costar projects stabilized vacancy to remain flat over the next 5 years.

  • The Class-A property, a property that is one the highest quality buildings in its market and area, was completed in 2020, as such the amenity package is considered best-in-class with a luxury resort style rooftop pool and sundeck, an outdoor theater, a rooftop indoor/outdoor lounge, state-of-the-art fitness center, electric car charging station, etc.

  • Headquartered in Montreal, the sponsor, The Frankforter Group, was founded in 2012 and is led by Yaakov Frankforter. The firm has a focus on acquiring institutional grade multifamily and commercial real estate in Canada and the United States. Investments are in primary and secondary markets in the states of Florida, Georgia, Carolinas, Texas, Arizona, Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, Nevada, and Alabama. The Frankforter Group’s current real estate holdings total $3.2B in total value and consist of over 8,000 multi-family units, a 3,584-bed healthcare portfolio, a 1,514-unit student housing portfolio, 3 hotels, and 2.5M SF of commercial space. \ \ The Frankforter Group has realized nine multi-family investments over its lifespan comprising 1,399 multifamily units which have generated an average gross IRR of 19% on invested capital. This is the second offering on Yieldstreet sponsored by the Frankforer Group. The first offering, Pompano Beach Multi-Family Equity, continues to perform in line with expectations.


Please refer to the Investment Memorandum in the Documents section for more details about this offering.

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