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Accepting $10,000 - $1,000,000 investments


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TBG Funding is pleased to offer the YieldStreet investor community an opportunity to invest in a real estate portfolio consisting of two bridge loans secured by two properties in the Tri-State Area. Bridge loans, also known as swing loans, gap financing or interim financing, are helpful to borrowers as they provide both an expedited access to capital and a short term borrowing solution. In exchange for the flexibility and other benefits bridge loans provide, lenders receive an target interest rate and collateral package as security. For more information of what makes up the collateral package and the particulars of this investment please continue to review this offering page and download the investment memorandum.


Strong Collateral
Low Market Correlation
Proven Managers
Target Managers
  • The portfolio maintains a weighted average loan-to-value ratio of 55%. Debt service is supported by an interest reserve as well as rent collection.

  • Each property is located in a high density urban area that offers relative resilience to real estate values during adverse market impacts.

  • TBG Funding is comprised of seasoned executives with extensive experience in real estate and finance.

  • Target returns of 9% with a 18-month expected term. Investors are scheduled to receive monthly interest payments and a return of principal at the end of each loan’s term.


Please refer the Series Note Supplement in the Resources section for more details about this offering.

Default Risk

It is possible that the borrower will default on their loan payments.

  • The portfolio is secured by a first mortgage on the properties, first security interest on all personal property, fixtures, and equipment, the assignment of all leases and rents and a first security on all assets of the borrowers.
  • The weighted average loan-to-value ratio is 55%. This means the net proceeds from selling the property would have to be less than that percentage for investors’ principal to be at risk.
  • TBG Funding has had only three foreclosures since its inception six years ago. TBG’s ability to screen borrowers and loan opportunities has historically proven to be effective at mitigating the risk of default.

Market Risk

It is possible that the economy begins to slump and real estate appreciation slows, pauses or declines.

  • The properties are located in high density urban areas that offer relative insolation against adverse economic impacts.
  • The short time horizon of the loans allows borrowers and originators to better assess and respond to changing economic conditions.

Bad Actor Risk

It is possible the borrowers may have misrepresented themselves to TBG in order to acquire funding.

  • The primary source of repayment on a defaulted loan is the property which is appraised and independently assigned a value.
  • Financial information provided by the Borrower is expected to be verified by back up documentation including bank statements and tax returns.
  • YieldStreet’s ability, through its network, to ascertain details about the borrowers is a robust 2nd line of defense when evaluating a borrower’s capacity.

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    October 7, 2018

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This offering page describes only certain aspects of the offering ("Offering") of the securities issued by YS TBG MultiREP V LLC ("Issuer"). The Offering is made only by means of the Investment Memorandum relating to the Offering (the "Offering Document"). The information on this offering page is a summary of the Offering, does not purport to be complete and should not be considered a part of the Offering Document, or as incorporated in the Offering Document by reference or as forming the basis of the Offering. No person has been authorized to give any information or to make any representations other than those contained in the Offering Document or in any marketing or sales literature issued by the Issuer or Yieldstreet Management, LLC, as adviser thereto, and referred to in the Offering Document, and, if given or made, such information or representations must not be relied upon. All investors must read the Offering Document in its entirety prior to investing in the securities.