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yieldstreet investing in art image

Unprecedented access

Consistent historical returns

A diversified pool of art

A great way to appreciate art is to invest in it

Grow your capital via fractional ownership of a diversified pool of artworks by blue-chip and mid-career artists. Since 2000, Art has outperformed the S&P 500, returning over 360%*

*According to the Artprice100® Index.

Art investing on Yieldstreet, stats to date

With more than 6 years of art investment experience, see how Yieldstreet art investments stack up.


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Why invest in Art on Yieldstreet

Investment decisions utilize third-party appraisals and expertise, supplemented with analysis from a proprietary database managed by Athena Art Finance, a wholly owned subsidiary of Yieldstreet that has funded over $400M worth of fine art investments.


Add art to your portfolio with as little as $10K.

Diversified pool of art

Access a pool of artwork by blue-chip, mid-career, and emerging artists with one investment.


Yieldstreet takes the guesswork out of art ownership.

Expand your alternative investment portfolio with Yieldstreet

Your frequently asked questions, answered.

What are the risks of investing in art?

Art investments carry a wide range of risks and expenses. Some of the risks include illiquidity, and non-transparent and fluctuating prices. To learn about all of the risks associated with art investing, please review each art investment offering page and download the Series Note Supplement/Private Placement Memorandums before making an investment.

How do I start investing in art?

Investors may access and purchase art in several types of markets. The traditional way has been to work with a dealer, use an auction house or go to art fairs. However, purchasing physical artworks outright can be cost prohibitive and difficult unless you have connections in the industry.

One expanding area of the market is the digital art space. Yieldstreet now offers fractional investment in physical artworks by blue-chip, mid-career and emerging artists, as well as providing investors with the opportunity to invest in loans backed by artworks that generate monthly income.

Is art a good investment?

Investing in art allows investors to invest in what they love, while also allowing them to potentially capitalize on the historical returns generated by the art market. Art can occupy an important space in your portfolio as it can serve as a hedge against inflation, add diversification and potentially reduce overall portfolio volatility given its typically low correlation to the stock market.

What am I investing in? Am I buying individual pieces of artwork?

On Yieldstreet you can invest in portfolios of art backed loans and fractionalized shares of actual artworks by blue-chip, mid-career and emerging artists. You are not purchasing individual pieces of artwork.