Yieldstreet Portfolio Snapshot: Q2 2021

July 20, 20212 min read
Yieldstreet Portfolio Snapshot: Q2 2021
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We were founded on the principle that access to and the distribution of income generating investment products was fundamentally broken. Yieldstreet’s number one goal is to provide investors access to alternative investments across asset classes that were previously unavailable to retail investors. We are passionate about our mission and are proud of our success providing investors access to the income-generating potential of these alternative products. 

We believe education and transparency are critical to this process, which is why we provide recurring portfolio snapshots to investors. The data below is intended to help you understand the status of active deals and provide additional information as you consider your goals and circumstances. 

Please also refer to our Yieldstreet statistics pages for a look at our historical performance and other resources. We understand that the information that matters to our investors is as diverse as the offerings and our investors themselves – and that historic performance is just one data point (and, of course, never a predictor of the future).

For still additional information, market commentary, and perspective, please check out our blog

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All data presented in this communication is dated as of June 30, 2021. For additional questions, please contact us at [email protected]

1Default refers to investment offerings where a formal event of default on the underlying loan has been declared.

2Partial Default refers to investment offerings where a formal event of default on the underlying loan has been declared but either (i) at least one loan in a portfolio of multiple loans has been paid off in full or (ii) over 50% of the initial principal investment has been repaid.

Marine Default refers to the outstanding defaulted investment offerings that were originated by GMTC.

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