Yieldstreet Expands Crypto Platform with Osprey Funds to Allow Investors an Easier and Balanced Approach to Invest in the Crypto Economy

April 28, 20223 min read
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Global crypto asset market cap exceeds $2 trillion as 76% of respondents to a recent Deloitte survey expect digital assets to be a solid alternative to fiat currencies.

Yieldstreet, a leading digital alternative investment platform driven to help millions of people unlock access to previously unattainable investments, launched the Enhanced Crypto Fund which offers crypto investors an easier way to modernize their portfolio to include crypto and blockchain assets. 

“Yieldstreet is all about access that gives you the potential to help build a more stable financial future. We pioneered access to private market alternatives for retail investors, and now we take that to the next level and expand access to an asset class with potential.  The Enhanced Crypto Fund gives investors access to some of the largest cryptos in the market,” said Michael Weisz, founder and President of Yieldstreet.

 “Osprey was founded to make investing in cryptocurrencies more accessible. We are excited to partner with Yieldstreet and manage a carefully constructed portfolio for savvy investors who want a curated selection of cryptocurrencies in a single fund,” said Greg King, CEO, and Founder of Osprey Funds. 

The Enhanced Crypto Fund is sub-advised by experienced analysts at Osprey Funds.   Osprey is one of only three pure-play digital asset investment managers with publicly traded opportunities in the U.S.  Yieldstreet believes Osprey offers credibility and experience to crypto investors.  The Osprey team has invested in crypto since 2013 and launched more than 100 exchange-traded products.  Osprey Funds has raised more than $100 million with its crypto products in 2021. 

Similar to how the internet was the underpinning of a new information infrastructure, Yieldstreet believes that digital assets and blockchain technologies are the underpinnings of a new financial infrastructure. Yieldstreet believes Investors can no longer overlook the importance of crypto as our reliance on these technologies is only set to grow, with 80% of financial services industry executives believing that digital assets and blockchain technology will be important to their industries in two years, a recent Deloitte survey found.

The Enhanced Crypto Fund is using a rules-based and balanced approach to providing exposure to the largest cryptos, with controls in place to ensure no one crypto, like Bitcoin, dominates the portfolio. The investment strategy will invest in five to ten of the largest crypto assets by market capitalization, providing a simpler and more cost-effective way for people interested in crypto to diversify their portfolios with these assets.  The weighted impact of any coin included in the Fund will be capped at 25%.

The Fund will include larger altcoins and emerging blockchain protocols with growing significance within the crypto asset class.  All cryptos in the Fund must have a trading volume exceeding $2 billion and market capitalization exceeding $5 billion.  The Fund will also exclude coins with security issues and meme coins like Dogecoin, which are susceptible to social media-driven volatility or in some cases created without a specific use or inherent value. 

About Yieldstreet

Yieldstreet is reimagining how wealth is created by providing access to alternative investments previously reserved only for institutions and the ultra-wealthy. Yieldstreet’s mission is to help millions of people generate $3 billion of income outside the traditional public markets by 2025. Its award-winning technology platform provides access to investment products across a range of asset classes such as Real Estate, Commercial, Consumer, Art, Legal Finance, and Aviation. Since its founding in 2015, Yieldstreet has funded over $2.2 billion of investments and is committed to making financial products more inclusive by creating a modern investment portfolio. The company, headquartered in New York City with offices in Brazil, Greece, and Malta, is backed by leading venture capital firms. Join the movement at www.yieldstreet.com.

About Osprey Funds

Osprey Funds is a premier crypto investment firm in the United States. Based in Connecticut, Osprey offers secure, transparent and cost-effective access to select currencies via traditional investment vehicles. Learn more by visiting https://ospreyfunds.io.


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