Yieldstreet Brings New Opportunities to Smaller Investors

January 5, 20181 min read
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Milind Mehere knows what it’s like to be close to a solid investment opportunity and not be allowed to take part, so he and his cofounders set out to make those great opportunities available to other investors like them. Mr. Mehere is Founder and Board Member of YieldStreet, an asset-based investment platform making previously unavailable investments an option for more people.

Mr. Mehere said he has always been interested in technology. In 2006 he cofounded Yodle, a local online marketing company that he helped scale to $235 million in revenue before it was acquired by Web.com for $342 million. Earlier in his career he worked in enterprise software.

As he became more successful Mr. Mehere knew he was becoming overexposed to the stock market, something the 2008 crisis and the dot com crash warned him to avoid.

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