Women in Investing – The Myths About Women & Investing

May 5, 20212 min read
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What are the five main myths about women and investing? Join Wittney Rachlin, Chief Marketing Office at Yieldstreet, as she hosts the first in a series of episodes about women in investing, featuring notable women in finance to talk about various investment-themed topics. This episode is centered around the myths about women and investing and features Chief Advocacy Officer Jane Barratt; leading researcher specializing in women and finance and CFA Barbara Stewart; and internationally recognized researcher, writer, blogger, and speaker Meredith Jones.

Key Takeaways:

[1:34] An introduction of the inaugural Women in Investing podcast series panelists.

[5:15] Myth #1 — are women confident and competent as investors?

[10:33] Myth #2 — are women risk-averse or risk-aware when it comes to investing?

[16:20] Myth #3 — are women really not interested in investing?

[23:24] Women are not good investors — debunking myth #4.

[30:33] Myth #5 — is it true that women are not financially literate and need to be educated?

[37:33] The role of technology in the evolution of investing.

[43:31] Opportunities available at the intersection of alternative investments and women investors.

[47:22] What first steps should a new investor take when growing their portfolio outside of a 401(k)?

[51:29] Valuable resources to help anyone learn about market value and growth.

[55:08] Perspectives on savings for retirement versus savings for prior to retirement.

[57:18] Top investing regrets and successes of today’s panelists.

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