Top 5 Real Estate Podcasts in 2023

April 11, 20233 min read
Top 5 Real Estate Podcasts in 2023
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Whenever it comes to listing the “top” or the “best,” subjectivity always comes into play. With that in mind, the professionals at Yieldstreet consulted the podcast rating service Rephonic’s listings of the most frequently downloaded investment-related podcasts in the United States. From it, we gleaned this list of the top 5 real estate podcasts for 2023. After all, if a preponderance of people think these podcasts are good, they’re worth a listen.

#1: Bigger Pockets Real Estate Podcast

BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast features interviews with real estate investors about their triumphs, failures and things they learned the hard way. The podcast also discusses approaches that have proven effective in different categories, and for people with varying degrees of experience who invest in real estate. New episodes are released each Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

#2: Real Estate Rookie

Real Estate Rookie bills itself as a “personal trainer” for fledgling real estate investors. It covers real-world scenarios and conducts one-on-one tutoring sessions. The goal of Real Estate Rookie is to answer the questions that beginners have, but are too afraid to ask. Aimed specifically at people starting out, Real Estate Rookie offers basic information, such as defining first lien debt, that anyone would need to get started in real estate investing. New episodes are released each Wednesday.

#3: Passive Real Estate Investing

As the title Passive Real Estate Investing suggests, the focus here is on building passive income while simultaneously creating long-term wealth. This podcast’s emphasis is on both passive and turnkey real estate investments. Passive Real Estate Investing covers a variety of revenue-generating strategies that have been proven to be effective in any market. It also provides tips for avoiding expensive and common missteps. New episodes are released on a weekly basis.

#4: Rental Income Podcast

Investors who are actively generating rental property income are interviewed on Rental Income Podcast. Financing strategies, property management solutions and tenant management advice are among the topics of discussion. Seasoned landlords also discuss how they chose and bought their properties. New episodes are released each Wednesday.

#5: Rants & Gems Real Estate Podcast

The Rants & Gems Real Estate Podcast covers investing, news, strategies and investor education. Topics include raising capital, trends in the marketplace, and tips for acquiring properties with no money down. In addition to residential properties, Rants & Gems covers buying undeveloped land and where to get funding for real estate development. New episodes are released weekly.

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In Summary

This list of the top 5 real estate podcasts in 2023 covers a variety of topics related to the industry for beginners and veteran investors alike. Again, though, when it comes to listing the “best” in any category, we know subjectivity can often be an issue. With that in mind, we know there are many more great real estate podcasts out there that you can explore as well.

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