The Intersection of Art + Finance

June 30, 20212 min read
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Accessibility to the art market was once reserved for an elite group, but that is changing rapidly due to the customized platforms available today, meeting at the intersection of art and finance. Our panel of guests, including Cynthia Sachs, Elizabeth Von Habsburg, and Timothy Kompanchenko, discusses the revolution of the art industry through the lens of finance and how it is championing accessibility and opportunity, not only for the seasoned collector but for the new entrants who want to participate at different levels.

Key Takeaways:

[2:05] The role that tech plays in driving art and finance forward.

[4:35] Each panelist shares their journey to the art finance space.

[8:27] What role does increased access to data play in today’s art market?

[13:38] Art business discussions about NFTs reveal the significance of their impact.

[19:30] Raising the bar on art lending and financing by creating a “mortgage market” for art.

[22:08] How are people utilizing tech to approach art investing today?

[29:18] A snapshot of today’s art market investor.

[30:51] Positive changes to the art fair market as a result of the pandemic.

[35:14] Recent developments in the use of art as an asset for collateral-backed loans.

[36:11] The role of tech data in tracking stolen art.

[39:02] Details about the metrics used to generate data on art.

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