Sun, Fun, and Yieldstreet’s Miami Office

Key Takeaways

  • Yieldstreet’s opening a new Miami office on Brickell Avenue.
  • Miami Mayor Francis Suarez recently celebrated with Yieldstreet co-Founder Michael Weisz in New York.
  • This is just the first step Yieldstreet is taking to better serve our investor community.

One key part of Yieldstreet’s expansion is opening new offices that can allow us to better expand our reach and become a global company for our investors. As Yieldstreet looked to expand post-pandemic, one of the most logical spots was Miami. Yieldstreet co-Founder Michael Weisz recently spoke to Miami Mayor Francis Suarez at Yieldstreet’s New York HQ to celebrate the launch of Yieldstreet’s first foray into crypto, where Suarez noted “For me, it’s an incredible honor that, you know, a company with [Yieldstreet’s] reputation that has done what you’ve done, provides a democratizing opportunity for everyday users to be able to get the expertise that they’re going to … be able to invest in crypto, that’s something that most platforms don’t offer. And I think that’s what makes it unique.”

To spearhead Yieldstreet’s Miami expansion? Nick Paidas, Yieldstreet’s Manager of Originations and Yieldstreet’s inaugural employee in our Brickell Avenue office. He was crucial in setting up and starting this expansion, and he joins us today to discuss everything that comes with opening a new office.

What is it about Miami that makes it ideal for expansion?

Miami is in a lot of ways a different iteration of New York, a working city with a lifestyle. A tremendous number of financial services have moved down to Miami and we wanted to partake in this exciting migration. As we inch closer and closer to a new tech hub on the East Coast, it only made sense to join.

What makes our Miami office so unique?

Miami is known to be one of the happiest cities in America. Our location in Brickell (Center of Miami) makes this location very unique. We are neighbored by the big banks, Private Equity firms, Real Estate developers coupled with convenient access to the airport, Miami Beach, and an overall vibrant fun downtown center.

How do you play a key role in our Miami office?

I’m very proud to be a part of opening up another hub for Yieldstreet domestically. I look forward to working with Michael and Milind to expose the South Florida community to Yieldstreet and enrich others by demonstrating how we are democratizing alternative investing.  

Where do you see the vision expanding in this market?

Mayor Francis X. Suarez is lobbying local growth in this city and it’s very motivating to see the individuals that are making that happen behind the scenes. Yieldstreet now is a partner to Miami similar to NYC and we’re looking forward to contributing our firms reach in this market.  

What is your favorite part about working at Yieldstreet? 

My favorite part of YS is the ability to innovate with a multitude of diverse people on so many interesting investment strategies for our investors; I am learning everyday. A goal of mine is to have multiple different YS team members, new and old, in our new Miami community, get ready Miami.

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