Real Estate equity now available to Yieldstreet IRA investors

April 16, 20232 min read
Real Estate equity now available to Yieldstreet IRA investors
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Yieldstreet today announces the launch of our first Real Estate Equity opportunity for IRA investors. Investors with a Yieldstreet IRA can now allocate to one of our most popular investments of 2022, Chelsea Multi-Family Equity.

How it works

Real Estate equity typically generates both income throughout the lifetime of the investment and capital appreciation at maturity. Unless structured appropriately, the income generated by Real Estate equity creates negative tax implications for IRAs.

We’ve developed a structure for our Real Estate equity funds that utilizes a corporate tax blocking entity to block any taxable income from the IRA investors.

Distributions received by investors will be net of corporate taxes owed, removing the liability for Yieldstreet IRA accounts to pay tax on distributions received.

Why are return targets slightly lower for the IRA edition of the investment?

Target returns for the investors in the Yieldstreet IRA edition of Real Estate equity will be lower than the taxable editions, as the payment of the corporate income tax is the responsibility of the entity rather than the investor.

Future Real Estate equity

In the future, we plan to reserve a portion of Real Estate equity investments to launch in two phases:

  1. First, the offering will be launched for taxable Yieldstreet accounts
  2. Then, we will close the taxable portion of the investment and open it to IRA accounts

Since launch in December 2022, the offering is continuing to perform as expected. Add Chelsea Multi-family to your IRA now.