Product Update: Spring Cleaning Means A Refreshed Marketplace and Portfolio Experience

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 We are bringing new opportunities and are evolving our platform to support our investors.

After a few months of soliciting user feedback, we’re excited to roll out the new Yieldstreet marketplace — designed to help investors decide which offerings best fit into their portfolios.

This update was long overdue. The intent behind the update is to help potential investors learn more about our offerings and empower them to make financial decisions through additional insight. Through highlighting eligibility, more information about our deals, and an additional section outlining all the relevant information you need to know, we’re hoping to make investors more confident about the offerings they’re investing in.

Information Station 

First, we wanted to consolidate all of the information into a centralized location. 

  • For each offering, you can now find Investment minimums, Asset Class information and details about the Originator.
  • Directly overlaid on each offering card are launch dates, availability, waitlists, and level of allocation.
  • Some offerings on Yieldstreet are only available to First Time Investors or select investor groups. This eligibility will now be highlighted at the top of each offering card for additional clarity.

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve gotten rid of the availability circle. We wanted to reduce the prominence of this feature to highlight more pertinent info that is key to your investment decision process. However, rest assured we’ll continue to indicate when a deal is close to filling up. On the product team, tweaks and refreshes like this are essential to Yieldstreet’s sustained success. We don’t aim to reinvent the wheel every few weeks, but instead look to improve iteratively, while soliciting feedback and figuring how we can make our investors even more informed when making investment decisions. 

Additionally, here are some other updates you may have noticed that were implemented to improve your experience across the site:

  • We’ve simplified the Account Balance module in the portfolio to enable investors to see at a glance their Investment and Wallet balances for a full – but streamlined – understanding of their Portfolio.
  • We’ve improved the Portfolio experience by filling in the gaps that existed post-launch, finding new terminology that can encompass the relevant concepts that apply to all offering structures.
  • We’ve launched a “Dashboard” that provides personalized resources and product descriptions to new investors.

Improving the user experience on the site is always one of our top priorities and we’ll make sure to share important updates as they become available. 

The Yieldstreet Product Team

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What investors are saying about Yieldstreet

Apr 2022

The due diligence, risk management, and product education materials are thorough, excellent, and easy to use and understand.

Manoj J
Member since 2019
Apr 2022

Excellent and unique selections that I can't find elsewhere.

Jonathan S
Member since 2019
Apr 2022

The platform delivers in a very concise manner. Easy to get a clear understanding at a glance from the web or mobile app.

Tim S
Member since 2021
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