Private Business Credit: The Road Ahead

February 10, 20212 min read
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From student debt reform to investing in luxury cars, opportunities for investors in 2021 have started on a high note. In today’s episode, Yieldstreet’s Private Business Credit team covers a plethora of topics, including a deep dive into Consumer as an asset class. Isabella Godfrey hosts Larry Curran and Barbara Anderson to discuss some of the new offerings within the Private Business Credit vertical at Yieldstreet. They cover trending topics within the industry and take a look at all that the team will be leaning into over the next six months.

Key Takeaways:

[2:17] Isabella Godfrey introduces PBC team Larry Curran and Barbara Anderson.

[3:57] A status update of the market for Quarter 1 and opportunities expected to accompany the Biden administration priority of student and medical debt reform.

[5:57] The double impact of the Payment Protection Plan and an additional stimulus payment plan.

[8:06] The positive impact of ESG investments and investments in growing businesses.

[9:15] An update on the Motorcycle Loan Portfolio 1 offering and details regarding participating, equity, payoffs and losses.

[13:52] Opportunities that are available with current and future supply chain financing transactions.

[19:05] What preferences do investors have for a fund-like product?

[19:40] Additional offerings that are coming down the supply chain pipeline. 

[22:05] Why did PBC decide to pursue a transaction with a luxury car leasing company?

[25:20] A snapshot of the average consumer’s credit portfolio for these offerings.

[30:18] What happens in the event of a payment default in these offerings?

[33:40] What brands of cars are available in the luxury car portfolio?

[34:08] What is the target interest range that investors can expect from the luxury car offering?

[35:21] Short term note products and other open offerings that are available through PBC.

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